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We're Serious About Transmissions ...

We also like to make work "fun" when there's a moment of downtime.
Our mechanics, like our customers, are part of a family, and we strive to create a workplace that provides the resources, atmosphere and encouragement to insure that our Team performs at its peak, so that your transmission can too.

Our work ethic is just as evident in the customer lounge as in the service bays. Customers feel comfortable knowing that our team of professionals is working hard, and smart, to earn their loyalty.

Maybe that's why they trust their "pride and joy" classics to Nationwide.

Commercial & Specialty Vehicles

It's not unusual to see tow trucks, dump trucks and other commercial trucks, cabs and vans in our service bays. Many Tallahassee business owners depend on Nationwide to keep their fleets running smoothly.

Your specialty vehicle, whether it's an off-road workhorse or a week-end only classic, is welcome at Nationwide. Just give us a call at 942-1392.